Okay, so these are LOOSELY inspired by the delicious naan you could get at an Indian restaurant, and they're honestly very far away from the real stuff but, yeah. They're HUGE, FILLING, and the frying process will stink up your kitchen for days so for the love of God please open a window, you're welcome. It's FRIED BREAD with CHEESE filling (or not!! Filling is optional, you can just make flat ones to spread some stuff onto for a little dinner party or use as sandwich bread :-] ) The amounts given here would make around 6 to 8 units.


MAKING THE DOUGH: -Mix the flour, a soup spoon of oil, yogurt and half of the baking powder together
-Add warm water(half of the used yogurt cup is enough!)
-Mix that well to make dough
-You made a ball! Congrats.
-Let it sit for 10 min.


-Put around 6 to 8 triangles of cheese in a bowl
-Add a little less of the grated cheese.
-Add a good soup spoon of curry
-Smol spoon of paprika
-Mix well with the soup spoon
(Note: Keep the spice spoons to use for the manufacturing! less washing up to do!)

MANUFACTURING THE NAANS: -Get your dough and separate it into 6/8 smaller balls on a floured surface
-Flatten them as thin as possible, around 1cm thick at least.
-Flour them up well so they don't stick to eachother.

This is where one would stop if they only desired flat breads! For the filled version:
-Take a big spoonful of the cheese mix
-Place it on the center of the flatten dough
-Fold it ravioli style and make sure the cheese is sealed inside, no gaps or holes!!! (TIP: Use water to glue the edges and seal with a fork!)
-Flatten it a little to make it easier to fry
-OPTIONAL: Take the two pointy ends and fold them over each other to give the naans a crescent moon shape. Very cute!)


OK so here it gets technical. You are on a race against time and matter. You will handle HOT OIL so please be careful! It may come in handy to prepare a plate with paper towels to put the cooked naans on a side of the stove and the raw ones on the other side. A spatula will be needed and a second one to me more secure as you handle hot fried bread is ideal!

-Pour some oil in a pan
-Heat it up and CAREFULLY lay a naan into the oil
-Cook both sides until they're golden brown
-Take it out once it's done and evaluate how you did to adapt for the following naans
-You can put several naan in the pan once you feel you're up to the challenge!

All done! Now you can proudly serve your guests (or only yourself!) delicious homemade cheesy naan :) They WILL come back for more. Serving warm is ideal but be careful about the hot cheese inside! (cold is fine too of course :)) I don't know what would be nice to serve it with besides cold drinks and maybe salad? They're convenient to eat with your hands but i guess you can use a knife if you're having a Dinner dinner with the president or something. They're a very good meal on their own.


These cookies are crumbly, scrumptious and perfect for those who like chunky globs of golden goodness. Stole the recipe from my little sister who despite using this same exact recipe manages to make borderline inedible creations, but I still love her its ok. The amounts in the recipe make around 12 cookies my notes say but I'm having mild doubts it doesnt look like a lot but like make it and see for yourself
Fun things to add to the cookies: crushed up almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, smarties, replace half of the sugar with brown sugar. Have fun !


-Preheat oven at 180°c
-Mix sugar and butter together until smooth
-Add the eggs, the flour and the powder to the bowl
-Mix well then add the chocolate
-On a baking tray with baking paper make dough globs of desired size
-Bake at 180°c until desired color is archieved (I like mine nice and golden your tastes may differ)
Voila !!! They're delicious hot or cooled off, they're the best and I hope you will enjoy them!!!