Hello !

Thank you for considering me as your artist of choice! I look forward to receiving your commission request!
🐎 On this page you will find all the resources you need to commission me 🐎


There are many ways to get in touch with me! I usually work pretty fast and give frequent updates as I draw to have your feedback, so instant messagery is preferred, but you can always send me an E-mail! I can speak both French and English, so don't be afraid to approach me with either.
🐎 Discord: fullmoondagger
🐎 Tumblr: fullmoondaggers-art
🐎 Telegram: @fullmoondagger
🐎 E-mail: fullmoondagger.commissions°gmail°com


By commissioning you agree to all of these rules !
🐎 Full Payment through Paypal or Ko-Fi when the first sketch is sent
🐎 I will refund up to half of the price depending on the stage of completion if you happen to cancel the commission
🐎 Tell me where you repost your artwork and CREDIT ME !
🐎 Don't remove my signature or alter the artwork, if you need any edits I will be happy to make them as I have the original files
🐎 Non commercial uses only, don't resell my art or use it on merch without my accord
🐎 I won't draw incest, pedophilia, racist, sexist or LGBTQ+phobic art
🐎 I am free to refuse any commission if it makes me uncomfortable

I accept all original characters as well as canon characters from videogames or cartoons, with a few exceptions mentionned below. If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask!

Will Do:

Humans/Humanoids, Fantasy creatures, MLP, Anthro characters, Furries, Dragons, Animals, Toons, Homestuck, The Elders Scrolls, Gravity Falls, The Dark Crystal, D&D, Legacy of Kain, Animal Crossing, Steven Universe, BATIM, Nuclear Throne, HLVRAI, Warriors, Cuphead, Minecraft, Pets, Lupin III, People (I can work from pictures), Silent Hill, Among Us, FKMT

Won't Do:

(this is a list of media I would rather not interact with because I don't know enough about it or it makes me uncomfortable, please do not take it personally)
Hazbin Hotel, Beastars, BHNA, Hetalia, Voltron, Overwatch, The Arcana, SAO, Danganrompa, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Youtubers(that you aren't), Attack on Titan, Dream SMP, MCYT


I will need a visual reference for the character.s ! Don't worry, a 'bad' doodle or a dollmaker picture is enough, I just need something to base myself off of. I can also work from a text description, but we'll need some back and forth tests cause I wanna get it right !
My art style is pretty flexible, so don't hesitate to link me to a drawing I made that's close to what you'd like!
Do keep in mind all prices listed are for Lined and Colored artwork, shading prices are explained in the next section.
If you're looking for something that isn't on the list, like emojis, stickers or talksprites please contact me so we can make a quote β™₯


Drawing from the shoulders up of your character in any style you like.


My cartoon style ! I can make it more rubberhose or y2k animation inspired if preferred.

Waist Up:25€

Drawing from the waist/hips up of your character.s.

Full Body:40€

Drawing of your character in their full glory in my regular semi-realistic style with hard or softer lineart.

Reference Sheet:45€ and up

Price will increase depending on how many views and details you want in- the example above is the lowest price, with a front view of the character, their name, info and a color palette. Below is more detailed!

Paper Doll:50€

This reference sheet begins with an undressed doll on which I will add one outfit of your choice. Ideal to show off scars or body markings as well as alternate outfits. Can be SFW or NSFW.
Extra outfits:8€

Full Ref:110€

This reference sheet features a LOT of extra details, it is of course modulable to your needs, so you will need to contact me for a precise quote.
Here is a breakdown of the price for this example:
Hand Lettered Name: 15€
Fullbody View: 40€*
Bust: 25€
Extra Hair Styles: 5€ each
Accessories, Details: 2-10€ each
Stylized Border: 8€
* Can be a paper doll as well for 50€


All the prices above are for lined and colored artwork!

Lineart and Color:

I can do a few types of lineart (Adobe Flash, Soft, or Pencil) depending on what suits the subject best!
This is the most basic option I offer, but you can jazz it up!

Simple Shading:+ 8€

Simple but effective! Can either be cell shading or blended, or a mix of both!

Textures and Metallics:+ 5€

Textures! Adds subtle depth to flat colors.

Full Render:+ 10€

Full shading and everything, can be either realistic or more Sonic Adventures promo art inspired.


I can also make the background transparent- It's free of course !
If you're looking for something that isn't on the list, please contact me so I can make a quote β™₯

Pride Flag/Simple Color:FREE!

The pride flag or color of your choice, perfect for icons! Any sexuality and identity is welcome, including those funky neo gender flags, just make sure to give me the right one to use!


Bubbles, squares, textures, gradients, you name it ! Can either be in a cute little box or on the entire picture.

Simple Background:5-15€

Price depends on the complexity, simpler background in flat colors.

Full background:30-40€

Fully detailed background. I'm NOT THAT GOOD at backgrounds yet but I'll try my best !


🐎 I can do fetish art and sexually explicit artwork
🐎 It will cost extra depending on the complexity
🐎 You must be over 18 years old to commission NSFW
🐎 It won’t be uploaded to my art sites and I'd rather not have it reuploaded outside of my control
🐎 I am free to refuse anything!



by FullmoonDagger
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