Lupin the Third

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This is the page where I'll plop anything relevant to Lupin the 3rd, notably a link to my english subtitles to the french dub of The Fuma Conspiracy, as well as a content warning list for all part 3 episodes!!!

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Lupin the 3rd Part III Guide

Lupin the 3rd Part III, or simply Pink Jacket, is the third Lupin TV series, airing between 1984 and 1985. I haven't watched a lot of Lupin yet but I can say it will stay one of my favorite parts forever. It's got an amazingly vibrant color palette(PINK lupin!!!! He's adorable), the animation is very dynamic, funny and expressive and I really like how the characters are portrayed, and how absurd and goofy some plots can get. There's 50 episodes in total, and I think that's neat :) I like even numbers. Also forgot to mention THE SOUNDTRACK FUCKS. SEXY ADVENTURE.

However, as it is a show from the 80's, there is some elements and themes that may make some people(rightfully!) uncomfortable, so I did my best to put together a list of content warnings for the people who would rather not dive head first into the unknown, or who just want to pick a few episodes to watch without accidentally falling onto the least enjoyable ones. I also tried to warn when there is flashing and bright moments in the episode commentary, but please do not take the lack of warning as absolute: I may have missed some, there may be potentially triggering sequences that did not stand out to me(I am not epileptic myself), but flashing images aren't very frequent in the episodes. Embark on this Sexy Adventure safely!

If you feel like the list below is lacking, feel free to message me on tumblr or twitter to help me update and tune this list! Team effort makes things better ^^ Any feedback is very welcome! Also disclaimer my episode descriptions may be nonsensical on milder episodes its just my thoughts watching it sorry :-) Episode titles are from Wikipedia

 Rating System:
Absolute faves
My recommendations :) fav eps
Nothing bad in these!
These contain nudity!
!cringe weird things, more serious sensitive topics like suicide, torture and sexual themes...See episode descriptions for specifications!
🕱Nazis, sexual assault, rape.

Episode Title  Comment/Warnings
1The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin 🕱sexual assault, torture?
3Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel 🕱underage nudity weirdness, sexual assault
4Telepathy Is Love's Signal FUJIPPLES. weird horny moments.
5The Peerless Goemon 🕱NAZI EP. NUDITY
6Lupin has Come with a Tank JIGAY EP.
7The Man Is Called the Death GarbShower scene?,,
8Virgin Mary's Getaway StrategyBanger ep
9The Copy-Man Comes Expensive !FOOT FUNGUS EP. NOT UNWATCHEABLE BUT ITS SPECIAL. Lupin gets some foot skin torn off at the start and the episode revolves around his feet its kinda gross proceed with caution.
10Lay a Plot with the Treasure Such a sweet, funny episode... It's so fun
11The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears !WEIRD VAMPIRE MOMMY EP.
12The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace girl gets her dress torn off a little
13Play a Joke on the Variation lupin crucifiction. off screen suicide, nudity
14Let's Play the Abduction Game 🕱sexual assault/ attempted rape, public execution, hanging
15The Killer Comes Along Quietly !shower scene. innapropriate underage weirdness
16The Golden Apple has Poison fujiko pretends shes being assaulted??
17Are You Really Getting Married? BANGER
18Show Time Smells of DeathABSOLUTE BANGER
20Cross His Name Off the List Banger overall fujiko loses her dress at the very end
21Farewell, Golden Legend fun!!
22The Fire Is Not Suitable for a DiamondBANGER
23The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery Incomprehensible. Obsessed
24Pray for the Repose of Your Soul Seryiu...
25We Are not AngelsMakes fun of the english. Thatcher is here. Banger ep
26The Ghost of New York pogger
27Code Name Is Alaska Star!Jigen gets tortured at some point. Not that heavy but putting it in ! anyway
28The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to HellWARNING FOR BAD FLASHING LIGHTS AT 18:30, overall its fine
29Let's Go to the Honey-Moon little strange but theres cute moments
30The Name of the Cocktail Is RevengeWARNING FOR FLASHING LIGHTS AT 8:20 to 8:30
31Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal !They're being weird with Fujiko again
3210 million Dollar Key nothing bad.?
33A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game !Fun ep overall BUT; the kid likes to lift women's skirts. it sucks
34Manhattan CrisisSomewhat rocky start but GOD this episode is FUN
35Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field Zenigata on skis. What more do you need
36The Eagle Alights on the Glory Zenigata big naturals
38Letiethia Loved Me Dolphin ep... It's WEIRD but also fun as hell
39Give the Gold to the Rival 🕱the ep is FINE. but theres uh. Nazi themed villains and its unfortunate id rec it if it wasnt like that
40In a Panic over the Treasure SUPER FUN EP. warning for flashing/flickering lights through the episode
41A Night under Martial Lawincredible. Jigen ep. Jiglup stay winning
42Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance Absurd and VERY funnny
43Farewell, Cinderellaexcellent fujilup episode excellent wlw fujiko episode fucking hilarious
44Our Papa Is a Thiefso fun so sweet
45A Toast to the Con-Game very fun!! Happens in Paris, Fujiko is amazing as always its very good
46Worn-Out WingsINSANE. SUPER FUNNY.......
47A Famous Picture !Everyone has super flat hair in this ep for some reason. It was fun! Warning for a torture scene and a kid having to witness it
48Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes Very fun !!!!!
49Pops Was Adopted into the Family !????? eh. Racist character designs/tropes
50Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov Fujiko titties, otherwise very fun ? not as insane as part 3 can get but like its watcheable and its very cute... warning for racist black character designs

They can't wait to meet you!

The Fuma Conspiracy

This is the little corner dedicated to my favorite Lupin III movie, The Fuma Conspiracy! More precisely, the subtitles I wrote for it. Subtitles?, you may ask, What for? There's already all the subtitles possible available anywhere else online! Well, not really! See, the movie has been dubbed and released in France in 2005, gifting us with a beautiful, crisp, vibrant image, in all ways superior to the faded blurry version most commonly found online probably ripped from a previous release. (Here is a post from my good friend Niko, showing side to side image comparison between the two.) Isn't it amazing? This movie is beautiful, and it's really a treat for the eyes to be able to experience it in its best light! The French dub from the IDP team is very well made, full of good humor and with very fitting voice talent! There are no reasons not to watch it in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the french DVD rip does not provide English subtitles... That's where I step in.
After watching the bewilderingly good French dub, I spent two crazed weeks translating the French dub back into English to make subtitles for it, preserving as much of the added jokes and play on words, as well as how sentences were made to have something as close and faithful as what is said in the movie. I also kept the French names they gave to some of the characters following that same intent, so Lupin is called Edgar de la Cambriole, Fujiko is Magali, and Inspector Zenigata becomes Inspecteur Lacogne.
I am very proud of my work, despite some moments where they talk over each other and the subtitles are a little crowded, but I really did my absolute best to make something I can be proud of and share confidently to give an enjoyable experience to people that don't understand French!

Below will be a link to my Google Drive to download the .srt subtitle file! I will ask to not edit, reupload, or share my file through other means than with my links, unless you have my personal permission! Thank you for understanding ^-^
To read the file using VLC Media Player, there is an "Add Subtitle Track" in the "Subtitles" option on the top setting bar. Simply select the .srt file through the file selector and you should be good to go. Happy watching!

Both gifs from this section are from Niko

FrFuma Subtitles (SOON ♥)