Hi, It's me!
I'm some stranger on the Internet reaching to you through the screen! Writing directly into the code page because I can't be bothered to open a sticky note.
I'm Luke, I chose this name because it means giver of light, and Saint Luke is the patron of Artists. I'm an artist, I love to do my best to help and uplift the people around me, I think both are linked but my favorite thing to draw is kinda weird niche repulsive odd little things people don't tend to like. WHATEVER.
I'm Transgender, and after a few years of it I got lost in the artistic direction so now I'm a Guy and/or a Girl I'm Someting New and Beautiful. I love Androgyny but not in the featurless sense and more in the embrace and exacerbation of all characteristics, and this is what I strive to show. Having a body is pretty cool! Try it sometime!

I'm Bi and Poly, I just love people so much I can't help it LOL. I have a beautiful Wife and a Boyfriend I love so very much. And my Bestie also.
I have a beautiful cat her name is Boris and she is my whole world. I literally could die for her you need to understand she is my lifeline in this cold hard world. I'll probably set up a Boris shrine on here sometime in the future shes so loveable.
I'm also a Furry, I think animal people are neat and I'm more enthusiastic about the older parts of the Fandom but I like it all :)
Also if it's not obvious already i'm Autistic and ADHD. Both undiagnosed because I don't think it would benefit me and doctors scare me.


I Read, Write, Draw, Sew, Look at Nature, Learn Languages, Ogle Cars, Observe Animals and Birds alike, Make up Little Characters, Listen to Music, Play Videogames, Take Concepts and Ideas and Stories Apart for Fun and Analysis purposes, Code, Watch Movies and Anime and Cartoons, Carry Heavy Shit Around, and much much more. I'll have a more organised detailed list of my interests after that probably.
I love Fashion, I thrift all of my clothes because it's cheaper and it makes me feel superior because it's better for the world around you.
Obviously I'm also a big Art Enthusiast, I think it's vital for every single human on Earth to be able to create something, anything. I love it
by FullmoonDagger
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